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Dear Customers!

The professional staff and experienced team of doctors and nurses in the Occupational Medicine Specialist Practice at PHI PRIMA-MED provide quality health services, conduct mandatory systematic check-ups of employees and perform pre-employment examinations. These examinations are conducted in line with the guidelines for implementation of European regulations and implementation of the Law on Safety and Health in the Republic of Macedonia, within the legally prescribed time intervals depending on the assessed risk of the workplace (12, 18 and 24 months).

In addition to determining the health condition of employees and their ability to work, we also recommend measures to protect and promote health.
We have the capacity and experience in administrating and conducting the check-ups of employees according to the standards and needs of the employers in Republic of Macedonia, foreign companies and international organisations.
We also offer employers specialized services for contribution of our occupational health specialist in the preparation of the occupational safety and health statement and job risk assessment, as well as employee first aid training.
Contact us and schedule your systematic check-ups at PHI PRIMA-MED, the Specialist practice for Occupational medicine!

  • Our goal is to provide prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment through preventive systematic check-ups!

  • We guarantee a highly professional service from an experienced expert team in the practices equipped with the latest equipment and apparatus!

  • With emphasis on the quality of services with the possibility of choosing expanded preventive packages (basic, extended, managerial) according to the gender and age of our clients, we give expert opinion and advice!

  • We offer the opportunity to expand our services by including top professionals from the wide range of specialist services offered by PHI Re-Medika!

  • We are always ready to integrate our customers’ needs into the wide range of services we offer!

Let the responsibility and investing in your own health and employee health be your imperative, which will result in longer working lives and better quality of life!
For more information call our phones, or contact us at the following email addresses!

Sincerely, Director and Staff of PHI PRIMA-MED!


General practice is an essential part of medical care in all countries. In the general medicine ambulatory, the patient’s first contact with other medical services is realized.
GPs provide a wide range of care to the local community, tackling problems that often involve physical, physiological and sociological components.
They always work as a team with other specialists in our hospital, helping patients improve their health.

General medicine practice PRIMA-MED employs highly educated professional staff that continuously follow the modern scientific achievements in medicine, take care not only for sick patients but give special attention to maintaining the health of healthy patients, prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases in order to enable a healthy lifestyle and aging.

The general medicine ambulatory has a contract with the HIF of the Republic of Macedonia, and therefore provides guaranteed examinations and services for the registered patients:

  • Examination and consultation by a general practitioner

  • Issue of prescriptions and referrals (specialist, hospital, X-ray, laboratory)

  • Application of ampoule therapy (intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous injections)

  • Application of infusions

  • Inhalation

  • ECG

  • Spirometry

  • Issuance of medical certificates for employment, residence abroad, citizenship

  • Certificate for orthopedic devices

  • Disability pension forms

  • Education, prevention and promotion of patients’ health


PHI PRIMA-MED Skopje is an authorized occupational health institution that performs health examinations of employees in order to protect and promote health and preserve their working ability.

Occupational medicine is a rapidly expanding field of medicine that incorporates the principles and practices of clinical and preventive medicine, industrial hygiene, timely prevention and detection of pathologies that may be caused by working conditions, or that may affect existing conditions.

It is well known that a healthy worker is a more productive worker, so checkups in occupational medicine are of great importance not only to client- employees but also to work organizations.

Occupational medicine is a clinical-preventive branch that is based on a multi-disciplinary approach, with the main goals being:

  • Improving and preserving the health of workers

  • Prevention of occupational diseases and injuries in the workplace

  • Detection of early signs and symptoms of health problems as a result of occupational exposure

The role of preventive health examinations

Preventive health screenings, besides providing diagnostics of risk factors for some diseases, as well as advices on a healthy lifestyle, are of highest importance in detecting early signs and symptoms of early health problems. Early detection of these conditions and taking appropriate preventive and treatment measures can significantly prevent the occurrence of more severe health disorders.

Early diagnosis is the key to effective prevention, treatment and curing, and preventive and systematic checkups as well as numerous routine and screening tests are the only way to detect early signs of health impairment, preferably in a reversible phase.

We are at your disposal for consulting an expert when selecting the appropriate examinations.

According to your needs we can expand the list of systematic and preventive health examinations from the wide range of specialist examinations and services offered by PHI Re-Medika.


  • ECG – stationary electrocardiogram
  • Audiometry – functional hearing examination
  • Spirometry – examination of pulmonary volumes and capacities
  • Determination of Body Mass Index

The PHI Prima-Med team where systematic check-ups are carried out includes a specialist in occupational medicine and a nurse. The nurse is an integral member of the health care team who takes care of preserving and improving the health of patients and plays a key role in performing a systematic review. The nurse with the professional approach is obliged to conduct the patient and make the necessary examinations, on the basis of which later the doctor of occupational medicine will evaluate the working ability of the examined person. Our clinic with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology enables modern systematic examinations to deliver the most accurate and fast results.

The essential elements of a systematic examination to be performed by the nurse are spirometry, audiometry and ECG. It starts with registering patients in the outpatient logbook for systematic check-ups. The lung function is then examined by determining the pulmonary volumes and capacities, that is, spirometry using a apparatus called spirometer. Further on, the auditory function of the hearing is examined by means of tonal luminal audiometry, which is a modern and very accurate method with frequencies of certain tones: 125,250,500,1000,2000,4000 and 8000 Hz, and the tone intensities from 20 up to 110 dB. The audiometric examination is carried out in a specially equipped quiet cabin, isolated from other rooms where no external noise and clatter can be heard. The test is performed on both ears individually allowing insight into the quantitative and qualitative hearing loss.

An electrocardiographic stationary finding (ECG) is a graphical record of cardiac electrical activity, i.e. changes in electrical potential at the level of the heart cells. The electrocardiogram is recorded in 12 conventional leads: bipolar standard leads, unipolar reinforced leads and unipolar prehart leads.

Expertly performed systematic checkups and timely and rapid delivery of results of the medical check-ups of employees, resulting in increased growth and interest of companies and institutions to make the checks right in our facility.


  • Medical checkups for companies and work organizations
  • Pre-employment medical check – ups
  • Periodic medical examinations of workers exposed to specific risks in the workplace
  • Targeted medical examinations
  • Systematic medical chek-ups
  • Medical examinations of people working in the zone of ionizing radiation
  • Systematic check-ups – Management packages
  • Medical examinations for work abroad
  • Medical examinations for insurance companies
  • Medical expertise
    Issuing Medical expertise for persons working abroad in countries with which HIFM has contracted to cover health insurance.
  • Medical certificates
    Issuing Medical certificates for following purposes:
  • Medical certificates for employment
  • Medical certificates for work abroad
  • Medical certificates for college
  • Medical certificates for adoption
  • Medical certificates for Security License
  • Work place risk assessment
    Participation in the preparation of a Statement for Assessment of Occupational Risk for work organizations
  • First Aid training
    Conduct training for work place First Aid for work organizations


Preparing Documents for Medical Examinations for immigrant US Visas

Preparing Documents for Medical Examinations for immigrant US Visas

US VISA SCHEDULING: 072 443 140 after 14h Monday to Friday;

Medical examinations of immigrant visa applicants will be conducted at PHI PRIMA-MED, Skopje, Macedonia, with a pre-scheduled appointment, following a pre-approved procedure.

Public announcements on compulsory medical examinations will be provided through information protocols (letters) by the US Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia, to each applicant, including their address, contact phone number and order of examinations, and also and the PHI Re-Medika website.

The scheduled appointment must be at least 10 days before the scheduled appointment for application for an immigration visa.

The appointment is recorded in the Re-Medika Hospital Information System, for each applicant individually with an identification number.

According to the above, applicants are informed of the cost of the medical examination, which is charged before it commences, at the counter.

Medical Examination Documents for US Immigrant Visas:

1.9 photographs 5 on 5
2. Passport and copy of passport
3. Health booklet (if any)
4. Vaccination card
5. Operations Document (if any)
6. For children up to 14 years old MANTOUX test
7. The correct address, postal code, city and country where you will reside
8. Document received from the Embassy Scheduling Interview (sent by email, sent by mail) – case number
9. For laboratory analysis applicants do not have to be hungry