Породување - Ре Медика | Poroduvanje - Re Medika


Dear sister Makedonka, I would like to cordially thank you for your high professional attention and care during my stay in the gynecological department, during the period of 08-11 June. I wish you all the best in life, as well as further successes both personally and professionally. With sincere greetings, Your patient, Katerina Mihajlova-Skopje Dear Sister Viki, I would like to cordially thank you for your care, warmth and attention during my stay at the gynecological department. I sincerely greet you and wish you the best wishes for good health and happiness in all fields. Heartfelt greetings from your patient, Katerine M. Dear Gorde, You are not only the best nurse, but much more than that On the night of June 08 you were my Guardian Angel who helped and exhorted me with his tenderness and warmth ... I wish the Lord give you the best in your life and to fulfill your dearest wishes!

Kate (Katerina Mihajlova), Skopje

The world only gives way to those who know where they are going. One of them is You, the first private general hospital Re-Medika. Let the world open the way for you to accomplish high achievements in health care, care and the promotion of your patients' health. Man is happiest when he is in good health, because without it - nothing else in life is meaningfull. So I, from the bottom of my heart, wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and let your impeccable professionalism, dedication to work and the energetic spirit of your employees remain a trademark of YOUR SUCCESS. At the same time, I express my special gratitude to Prof. D-r Gligor Dimitrov and the staff of the gynecology department who took maximum care of me during my stay on March 12, 2013.

Sincerely, Elizabeta Dzambazova, Shtip

Whatever it is said for Re-Medika, it will be little to describe the success of this top healthcare institution in our country. In the shortest, what should be emphasized first ?! The high expertise of the medical staff and the professionalism of the entire medical staff, the technical and technological equipment and the application of the latest diagnostic methods, operative procedures and other medical procedures, the high level of hygiene and comfort both in the work rooms and in the rooms for hospitalization, excellent patient care, the incredible speed of the services provided despite their complexity and difficulty - are just a few of the indicators that Re-Medika could without hesitation put in place next to the similar establishments in Western European countries. But if something is to be emphasized, it is the warm, highly humane, friendly and dignified attitude of the patient and his loved ones - something that is of no value when we are afraid of life and health, when it is most difficult for us. We would like to express our gratitude for the high quality of our health service, confident of its high quality. Special thanks to Prof. D-r Andrea Arsovski, Dr. Liljana Stojanovska and Dr. Elizabeta Babushku, as well as members of the entire team who directly and indirectly contributed to the successful health service.

Sincerely, Mare and Blagoja Blagadusha

The whole team is great and the whole hospital, too, continue this way, thank you very much for taking care of me. ``Special thanks to all the staff, especially to Biljana from the department desk for the kindness in getting the information I was looking for. To d-r Boro Iliev I have to say everything in a superlative. I already recommend you to two of your already former patients, who also thanked me for referring you. `` - Palic Competence, professionalism, order and responsibility as well as commitment to patient health: after all I said: ``Public health should have Re-Medika as an example!`` - Petrovic ``A wonderful team of gynecologists, anesthesiologists and nurses - all human, compassionate, valuable - people who instill confidence and security ”. I am pleased with everything, and so does my choice for your hospital. Great staff, attitude, professionalism - I have no words! Big thanks for the dr. Vasilevski, nurse Makedonka, nurse Violeta Ivanova for the support and nice words. Thanks also to the other staff.


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