Породување - Ре Медика | Poroduvanje - Re Medika



A new period in life begins with the moment of birth. The fetus, being well taken care of by the mother during whole pregnancy, enterns into newborn period.
The newborn baby, right after being delivered, is in need of adequate medical support in order to be helped in this important period of adaptation. Our neonatolgy team, which is present on every deleivery, coducts the primary resuscitation and postpartum care of every child.

A birth of a new life is a privilege to the Neonatology and Pediatrics department.
Parents’ happiness is our happiness, too.
Department is consisted of:

  • Neonatology

  • Pediatrics

  • Outpatient Pediatrics

  • Outpatient pediatric cardiology

  • Outpatient pediatric rheumatology

  • Child Gastroentero hepatology

  • Child Nephrology

  • Child Hemato- oncology

Putting an effort for future healthy generations is our constant professional obligation and care towards our youngest and dearest patients.

Sincerely, yours, Prim. d-r Marina Pop- Lazarova, Head of Neonatology and Pediatrics department


  • Prenatal education

  • Looking after (resuscitation) and stability of the newborn by neonatologist present at every delivery

  • Diagnostics of jaundice ( billi- check) and Photo lamps treatment and bili- bed

  • Cardiological and orthopaedic echo-sonography screening for every newborn ( included child cardiologist and orthopaedic)

  • Screening of hearing- hearing examination of every newborn child

  • Postpartum treatment of newborns by applying the principles of “Baby friendly hospital”

  • TSH – screening of every newborn ( possibility for expanded metabolic screening)

  • Vaccination ( Hepatitis B- Vac. Engerix i Vac. BCG)

  • Educating parents for the newborn’s care ( practical advices on every child)

  • Eduction(theorethical and practical) of mothers about nursing

  • Present educational channel for mothers ( constantly)

  • Looking after premature newborns – from 33gw.

  • Intensive and Special Neonatal care:

  • Incubator, warmer, water mattress, oxygen therapy according indication (CPAP ventilation), infusion therapy, photo-therapy

  • Constant moinitoring of the vital parameters

Child’s contact with his mother is realized right after the birth, in the birth or surgery theater, and at every delivery a pediatrician is present to look after (resuscitate) and stabilizes the newborn. High tech medical equipment also, allows: thermoregulation (warmer, radiant heater, water mattress), vital functions monitoring, special/intensive care (premature children born >33GN and other risk- newborn who are in need of such treatment), phototherapy conduct (Bili-bed and conventionally), monitoring of jaundice with Bili-check (noninvasive transcutaneous bilirubinometer), additional laboratory checkups by micro methods according medical indication.




  • Monitoring and giving advices for the psychomotor growth and development from the newborn period ( periodical systematic check ups)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of children with infections and other pathological conditions in child age( from the newborn period)
  • Clinical examination of healthy and sick child
  • Subspecialist examination ( possibility for US exam)
  • Child Cardiology and Rheumatology
  • Child Gastroentero hepatology
  • Child Nephrology
  • Child Hemato- oncology
  • Laboratory ( hematology and biochemical) analyses
  • Microbiological analyses
  • Expanded metabolic screening
  • Hearing screening (OAE)
  • Transcutaneous jaundice measurement (bili-check)
  • Posibility for concilium consultation and treatment ( orthopaedics, ORL specialist, dermathologist, child surgeon and child psychiatrist


  • Clinical cardiology exam for diagnostic of heart disease in children
  • ECG
  • Ultrasound heart check -up
  • Holter ECG ( 24 hours EEG monitoring)
  • Holter TA ( 24 hours monitoring of blood pressure)
  • Ante and postsurgical monitoring of children with congenital anomalies and other heart diseases
  • Heart ultrasound for children and ECG ( from newborn until 18)
  • 24 hour Holter –monitoring ( Holter ECG and holter TA)
  • Diagnosis and ambulatory evidence of children with congenital heart diseases
  • Diagnosis, monitoring and outpatient treatment of children with acquired heart diseases, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis and other pathological conditions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of children with heart arrhythmia and hypertensions and other problems related to child heart


  • Diagnosis and treatment of streptococcus infections and prevention of rheumatic fever
  • Examining and diagnostic of children with wrist pains
  • Diagnostic and treatment of children with transitory- reactive coccyx and arthritis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of children with chronical rheumatological diseases ( JXA, dermatomyositis, etc.)
  • Physical therapy ( physiatrist and physiotherapist)



Prof. D-r Dafina Kuzmanovska, spec. Nephrologist



Clinical pediatric examination
Clinical examination (weekend/holiday)
Pediatric examination
Pediatric examination (weekend/holiday)
Lapisation of umbilicus + skin treatment
Hepatitis lab. control (Bili-Check)
Clinical orthopedic examination of a newborn baby
Clinical orthopedic examination of a child
Orthopedic Ultrasound examination of hips of a newborn baby
Orthopedic Ultrasound examination of hips of a child
Cardiology examination of a newborn baby
Phototherapy with bilirubin level control
Control clinical Examination
Control clinical Examination (weekend/holiday)
Control pediatric Examination
Control Examination (weekend/holiday)
Inhalation (weekend/holiday)
Aspiration of the upper bronchial tubes
Aspiration of the upper bronchial tubes(weekend/holiday)
Medical consultation without patient + Conformation letter
Ultrasound heart examination of child
Ultrasound heart examination of child (weekend/holiday)
Ultrasound heart examination of а newborn baby
Control ultrasound heart examination of a child ( control to 1 month)
Electrocardiogram (ECG) of child
Electrocardiogram (ECG) of a child (weekend/holiday)
Package (Ultrasound heart examination, Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Cardiology consultation)
Package (Ultrasound heart examination, Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Cardiology consultation) (weekend/holiday)
Hospital stay of newborn without parent (per one day)
One day treatment- special care
One day treatment- intensive care
Using of expressing milk equipment (per one day)
Newborn hearing screening
Newborn hearing screening
Preventive neonatal screening with cystic fibrosis
Preventive neonatal screening without cystic fibrosis
Preventive neonatal screening-cystic fibrosis
Respirtory support –SPAP (1day)
UGT Ultrasound/ abdomen
UGT Ultrasound/ abdomen(weekend /holiday)
Package of services for child examination with hematologic disease
Package of services for child examination with malignant or possible malignant disease
DNA BABY + analysis
DNA BABY + analysis package with Seracell stems


  • Blagica Isakovska
    Head nurse