Породување - Ре Медика | Poroduvanje - Re Medika

Проф. д-р Андреја Арсовски, Стручен директор на Ре-Медика

Prof. d-r Andreja Arsovski,
Expert director of Re- Medika

Our dear patients, colleagues, collaborators…

Health is one of the most sensitive activities in society, with the noblest goal, being how to be born, develop and nurture healthy present and future generations. Health is the most expensive gift of nature, hence the nobility of the medical profession. At the private general hospital “Re-Medika”,exist all the conditions for doctors to give their best in taking care of your health.
“Re-Medika’s” imperative goals are the willingness, determination and high professionalism in diagnosing and treating health problems, diseases to be upgraded to health, misfortune to fortune, and the fight for a healthy life is being our prestige we are proud of, in our and yours “Re-Medica”.

Continuous growth and development are a major trend in “Re-Medika’s” medical policy as a top healthcare facility. There is full respect and implementation of all medical codes of morality and ethics by highly educated medical staff, who are daily upgraded through various forms of continuing education. Hence is the ability of our doctors to apply the latest world knowledge and skills of modern medical science. The dedication of physicians and the entire medical staff as a functional professional team is fully adapted to the needs of patients for their successful treatment.

Kindness, care, selflessness , and the total dedication are just part of the puzzle of all that makes “Re-Medika” unique and special in treating each patient individually as unique and exclusive. “RE-MEDIKA” CARES ABOUT YOUR HEALTH is the mission of our daily work, a slogan that emphasizes the power of the hospital whose center is the health needs of every passing, current and future patient of “Re-Medika”.

Functional “Re-Medika” is a unit comprised of several departments of various medical fields, available laboratory and hospital pharmacy, technical logistics department, which are managed by top professionals in their field, allowing the hospital to function 24 hours a day. In such a dynamic and functionally appropriate space, highly sophisticated medical devices are set up, with a special emphasis on world-class standards for high-quality equipment, enabling the most complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to be performed, with the sole aim of meeting the needs and requirements of all our patients.

The relevance, accessibility and openness to our patients, and of course the opportunity we each offer to participate in our policy making, make us unique, I believe, and special. It is our welcome to all patients in “Re-Medika’s” quality healthcare system, built with care and respect for the wishes and positioned to serve the needs of our patients. That is what makes “Re-Medika” hospital – friend of all patients. Our only commitment is to nurture and affirm your trust in the past not only as a quantity, but as a quality to meet your needs

All this together makes “Re-Medika” a fully caring and dedicated guardian of your health. We are proud of our past successes, committed, unique and determined to our future challenges. Before us is a lot of work, a lot of effort, which will be rewarded with the health of our patients.

Re-medika loves its patients,
With immense gratitude and respect to you