Породување - Ре Медика | Poroduvanje - Re Medika

Елица Јорданова, Генерална директорка на Ре-Медика

Elica Jordanova,
CEO of Re-Medika

Not long ago, on the day of health in 2005, Re-Medika opened its doors in the interest of quality health.
It is my great honor and pleasure to thank everyone for their cooperation in the past with the hope and desire that we will continue to walk together under the banner of humanity, professionalism and competence for the benefit of everyone. The confidence expressed in us is our challenge of high professionalism, striving for new knowledge and skills that sometimes exceed human capabilities.

The successful growth and development of Re-Medika is certainly the result of a well-selected and profiled team of professionals in their field. It is a team that is engaged daily in providing top medical services. In recent years, medical staff at Re-Medika have been able to build a successful image of a medical professional who is recognized for his humane and ethical approach. It is a person who has the highest standards, a person who radiates pleasure, recognized by each of our patients, past, present and future. The staff at Re-Medika are proud of their product, and these are the thousands of patients who walk through the premises every day and do not hide their satisfaction by leaving surveys, emails and letters half-filled with thanks and praise to the staff at Re-Medika, who gave life at this hospital. Together we have created a hospital that serves as an example to others, and in such a precarious time, where we all live, times of crisis, isolation, fear of the unknown, ideas and ideas for creating beautiful and precious things are born and live.

Things that have a human vision
That is the vision of top health.
The vision of a top health in Re-Medika has become a reality.
Respect for your own health and the health of your loved ones,with respect to future generations.