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Primarius Marina Pop-Lazarova
M.D. Specialist pediatrician-chief of department

Primarius Rozita Hadzi Mancheva
M.D. Specialist pediatrician

Primarius Lidia Spasova
M.D. Specialist pediatrician

Primarius Jasna Anastasova
M.D. Specialist pediatrician

Primarius Jadranka Zivkovikj
M.D. Specialist pediatrician

Blagica Isakovska
head nurse

• Observation and consultation about psychomotor development of newborns and nurslings (consultation, laboratory investigations)

• Neonatal jaundice –diagnosis and treatment

• Counseling for lactation problems

• Diagnosis and treatment of children with infections and other pathologic conditions

• Roentgen diagnostics

• Inhalator therapy

• Laboratory analysis
• Pre-delivery education and consultation

• Cardiologic and orthopedic echo sonographic screening in every newborn child (children Cardiologist and children Orthopedist included)

• Reanimation and stabilization of newborns
- Special and intensive neonatal care from high II level

• Postpartum treatment of newborns using principles of “Hospital as a babies friend”

• Phototherapy using a Billy-Bed

• Transcutaneous determination of bilirubin
- Hearing screening with OAE

• Education about newborn care

• Education about nursing (lactation problems)

• Vaccination (against hepatitis B and tuberculosis)
• Child heart Echo and ECG (newborns — 18 years old children)

• 24 hours Holter monitoring (Holter ECG and Holter TA)

• Diagnosis and ambulatory observing of children with congenital heart defects

• Diagnostics, observation and ambulatory treatment of children with acquired heart defects, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis and other pathological conditions

• Diagnosis and treatment of children with heart arrhythmia and hypertensions and other heart diseases in children
• Diagnosis and treatment of streptococcus infections and prevention of rheumatic fiver

• Investigations and diagnostics of children with pains in joints

• Diagnosis and treatment of children with transitory-reactive coxitis and arthritis

• Diagnosis and treatment of children with chronic rheumatic diseases (JHA, dermatomyositis and etc.)

• Physical therapy (Physiatrist and Physical therapist)
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