The office is equipped with LUNAR Prodigy ADVANCE, densitometer with more possibilities and:

• evaluation of the bone density of the spine and hips- diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis;

• Whole body densitometry- applied in systematic examinations and bone density screening in diseases that affect the skeletal system (chronic, Endocrinologic, corticosteroid therapy etc.);

• Morphometric analysis of the spine in lateral and A-P position;

• Analysis of hip implants;

• Children‘s Densitometry with special software for children;

TBS software – single method for evaluation of internal structure of the vertebrae

Ultrasonography equipment LOGIC 5 PRO and possibilities for:

• clinical and ultrasonographic examinations in children and adults;

• children hips screening (clinical + Echo);

• conservative treatment of congenital club foot (plaster changing);

• Punction and application of intraarticular injections.

02 2603 100; 02 2603 101

Prim. Ivanka Stefanovska
M.D. MSc., specialist orthopedist- chief of department
email: istefanovska@remedika.com.mk