ORL diagnostics:

• Diagnostics of acute and chronic ear, nose and throat conditions
• Paediatric ORL
• Endoscopic examination of the upper airways with a video record
• Allergy testing and treatment
• Hearing and balance diseases

• Voice and speech disorders (hoarse voice, speech aids)
• Taste and smell disorders
• Sleep apnea snoring diagnostic and treatment
• Diagnostic of TU changes on the head and neck skin
• Inhalations, aspirations and radiotherapy
• Polysomnographic test for the sleep apnea for children and adults
• Rhinomanometry

Laser ORL surgery

• Laser tonsillectomy
• Laser subcapsular tonsillectomy
• Laser tonsillotomy (cutting away of a portion of hypertrophied tonsils)
• Laser treatment of throat and vocal cord polyposis and papillomatosis (ML scopy, abrasion, ablation)
• Laser removal of tumorous changes in the throat (pharynx) and the larynx.
• Partial resections of the larynx (cordectomy, hemilaryngectomy and supraglottic laryngectomy with CO2 laser)
• Laser treatment of polyps in the nose (FESS)
• Laser treatment of thickened nostrils and nostril bullae
• Laser interventions on birthmarks, tumours or other pigment changes on the head and neck skin
• Laser treatment of snoring and sleep apnea
• Laser surgery of lingual tonsil and uvulopalatoplasty
• Laser surgery of laryngeal stenosis
• Laser surgery of bilateral vocal cord paralysis

Classic surgical interventions

• Pharyngeal tonsil and tonsils
• Difficulties in breathing due to the deviated nasal septum
• Tumours and polyps in the nose and sinuses
• Endoscopic surgery of sinuses
• Diagnostic procedures of the changes in the throat (larynx)
• Classic surgical interventions on pharynx tumours
• Bronchoscopy (examination of trachea and bronchi) under anaesthesia
• Esophagoscopy (examination of the esophagus)
• Treatment of benign and malignant changes (glands) on the neck
• Removal of individual glands or complete block dissection of the neck
• Removal of congenital and acquired cysts on the neck

Prof. Gjorgji Orovcanec
M.D., ORL surgeon
email: info@remedika.com.mk
072 443 496

Vesna Petreska Dukovska
M.D., ORL surgeon
email: vpetreska@remedika.com.mk