The department is equipped with ultra modern equipment for a complete non-invasive cardio diagnostics: the newest ECG device, the newest 3D ultrasound device made by Toshiba type Ksario with color Doppler, power Doppler and dynamic flow, coronary stress test, 24 hours ECG monitoring by Holter, 24 hours ABP monitoring.

The following cardio procedures are done in every day work:

• Specialist cardio examinations for precise cardiovascular estimation

• Echo cardio-graphic heart examination with evaluation of heart structures and Doppler estimation

• Coronary stress test for diagnostic of a coronary arterial illness

• 24 hours ECG monitoring for evaluation and monitoring of a heart arrhythmia

• 24 hours ABP monitoring for evaluation and monitoring of a hyper-tensional illness;

• Non- invasive hemodynamic monitoring by Hotman for evaluation of hyper-tensional illness.
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Lidiјa Palanova
M.D. internal medicine specialist –cardiologist