The vision to make most contemporary hospital in Macedonia which works with most sophisticated equipment and professional team of doctors and nurses became reality 10 years ago in the form of the first private General Hospital REMEDIKA which still continues to be one of the best health providers in Macedonia.
For 10 years REMEDIKA is an example how health system should perform – in providing evidence-based medicine to citizens of Macedonia and other countries

Opening the General Hospital REMEDIKA, was conditioned with making from the start a modern Surgical block and Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit as integrated and logistically very important part for the functionality of the hospital. In the department a professional team of anesthesiologists and nurses leaded from ZVONKO KRSTEVSKI MD, founder and chief of the department, for ten years use most sophisticated evidence-based medical procedures, guidelines and standards in anesthesia, monitoring, reanimation and intensive care medicine.

Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine is dedicated to provide state-of-the art patient care services in the areas of:
1. Preoperative medical evaluation and clinical assessment,
2. Administration of different kinds of intraoperative anesthesia with technologically advanced anesthesia techniques and support of life functions and pain control during surgery in all subspecialties:
a. General anesthesia (Intravenous, Inhalational, TIVA, combined etc)
b. Regional anesthesia (Spinal, Epidural, Epi-spinal, Peripheral nerve blocks, RIVA)
3. Postoperative and postanesthesia intensive care (PACU)
4. Critical Care Medicine Unit (ITU) – our staff provide multidisciplinary care for all types of medical and surgical critical patients with complete monitoring, oxygen and ventilatory support, hemodynamic inotropic support, Enteral and total parenteral nutrition, physiotherapy etc.
5. Perioperative pain management for acute pain (IV, PO, PCA, PCEA, epidural, combined spinal-epidural, peripheral continuous blocks, Implanted devices)
6. Obstetric anesthesia - we provide clinical anesthesia for obstetrical cases - high-risk deliveries, vaginal deliveries and Caesarean C-sections. A variety of regional analgesia services for labor analgesia (spinal, epidural, combined spinal-epidural, walking epidural, NCA, PCA, PCEA)
7. Treatment of chronic and cancer pain disorders.
8. Ambulatory anesthesia – we are pioneers in the field of state-of-the art ambulatory and one-day outpatient anesthesia for ambulatory surgical, diagnostic and interventional procedures
9. Reanimation all around the hospital under newest ERC guidelines

The department is providing the highest quality of medical education to its staff, subspecialty improvement in new techniques, as well as part of the educational team of Remedika in teaching students and residents in the fields of anesthesiology and resuscitation. We participate in research projects and lecturing, making contribution to the science of anesthesiology and critical care in Macedonia.

Department of Anesthesia gives services оn a few locations in REMEDIKA:
1. Surgical ward with 6 operating rooms – operations for all surgical specialties, except cardiac surgery
2. Day hospital with 2 operating rooms – for one-day surgery
3. Interventional suite for IVF clinic -
4. Interventional suite for endoscopic ambulatory anesthesia – gastroscopies, colonoscopies, polypectomies
5. Intensive Therapy Unit (ICU) with 8 beds
6. Postoperative recovery unit (PACU) in the Day Clinic with 8 beds
7. Post interventional recovery unit in the IVF Clinic with 6 beds
8. Anesthetic ambulatory for preanesthetic clinical evaluation

Facts and Figures
Our anesthesiologists and anesthetic nurses provide 5000 anesthetic and analgesic procedures each year past few years back, with more than 35000 anesthetic interventions and more than 25000 surgical interventions in past 10 years.

02 2603 131; 072 443 231

Zvonko Krstevski
MD – Chair of the Department

Slagjana Josevska-Jovanovska MD

Branko Petrovski MD

Robert Domazetov MD

Andrijana Maja-Grozdev MD

Azra Kuc MD

Anеta Arsovska MD

Ljubica Manevska
head nurse of the Department

Zoran Nikolovski
head of the Surgical operating block and sterilization