Re-Medika, suprime healthcare institution , satisfies the need of a quality, responsible and dignified healthcare of the citizens.

• Re-Medika, hospital is the first private general hospital in the Republic of Macedonia, established in 2005. Thus, the foundations of world standards and protocols in health were set for the first time in our country, Republic of Macedonia, for which it was awarded as the best investment in Southeast Europe.

• Re-Medika is the first general hospital in the Republic of Macedonia that has acquired and maintained in continuity the quality certificate in line with ISO 9001:2008.

• The In Vitro Fertilisation Laboratory with the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department is the first laboratory of the kind in the Balkans and is among few in Europe that has obtained the certificate for quality and competence in line with ISO 15189:2013. The Diagnostic and Biochemical Laboratory of the hospital has been granted the same certificate.

• The first baby in the Republic of Macedonia from a frozen egg cell was born in Re-Medika.

• Re-Medika is the first general hospital in the Republic of Macedonia that has applied stereotactic biopsy.

• Re-Medika is the first hospital in the Republic of Macedonia that has been awarded for the best CRS practices.

• The Neonatology Department in Re-Medika, from the very begging completely implements the concept of Postpartum Treatment of newly born babies using principles of “Hospital as a babies friend”.

• The Neonatology Department in Re-Medika, has established an educational centre for breastfeeding, with 98% success.

• Re-Medika has signed a contract for cooperation with the Goce Delchev University in Shtip for additional training and education of medical students.

• Re-Medika has built an annex to the existing building that is energy efficient and meets the requirements of the Green Hospital standard, the first of the kind in the region.

• Re-Medika has been declared the Macedonian champion in the category of the environment and corporate sustainability by the Association for European Business Awards, which has confirmed it as the leading business by prominent business professionals, politicians, academicians and entrepreneurs throughout Europe.

• Re-Medika confirms its strategic commitment which is based on the implementation of modern methods of treatment by the most advanced medical equipment enabling fast recovery of the patients, reestablishing their working ability and improvement their quality of life.

The reward for best investment in Southeast Europe for the year 2005 and the integration of the ICT system and testimony of the great contribution of Re-Medika in the improvement of the general health in the region.

Established by good leaders with high ethics and excellent team focused for providing the highest medical care according to the world standards and medical protocols for taking health care for our patients.
- International codex for medical ethics
- Proffesional
- Responsible
- Confidence
- Loyality
- Efficiency and effectiveness
- Functional organization
There are not any prejudice in religious, nationality, rase, political and clasess in providing health services for our patients
- Quality dedication
- Patient participation
- Public role